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OBX, Outerbanks, Marathon, Kitty Hawk North Carolina

11/11/2012 - Review and a course map of OBX, Outerbanks, Marathon, Kitty Hawk North Carolina, (DoubleH)

The 2012 OBX Marathon took place on sunny yet chill morning in Kitty Hawk North Carolina. The course was sort of flat and sort of on paved roads except miles 10 to 13 that went through the woods where at parts we ran on soft sand.
Weather was good, some headwinds coming out to the main road, unpaved portions of the course probably a DoubleH all things considered on my hRank system!

More details and review of the course with a map are below, but first photos from the course:

Sunset at the OBX

Starting line

Wright Brothers National Monument

Mile 10, where the road ends and the sand begun

Brace up for running up the bridge in mile 24

Proobably 0.5 mile to the finish

Ranking: DoubleH, unpaved and hilly parts, some headwinds.  

Distance: 26.2 miles
Course: The OBX Marathon run in Kitty Hawk and finished in Manteo North Carolina, hard to explain the course turn by turn since it went through pedestrians only parts as well as trails. Please see map and details below (click on it...).

Crowd: Hard to tell, looked like most people were from the area although the rental car agent at the airport knew right away I was going to the marathon so I guess significant number of people flew in from out of town.

The easy part: great weather, flat
The challenging part: Annoying random hills, soft sand, headwinds
Price: $110
Timing: Chip
Qualifying: None
Official website: OBX Marathon
My 2 cents: 1) very nice people, I almost felt like a family and friends type of event . 2) make sure you are on the right shuttle bus to the FULL marathon and not the HALF in the morning. 3)If you are looking for a scenic, ocean front run this marathon is NOT the one you should run. Most of the course is not on the first line to the water which are behind sand batteries to protect from the tides. A better ocean front marathon would be Maui Marathon

Thanks for reading and as always please don't hesitate to email/reach out with any questions.

Completed Marathons Map

View Marathons Map in a larger map

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